T-shirt with print “Sardegna in vendita”

T-shirt with print “Sardegna in vendita”

T-shirt with print “Sardegna in vendita” (Sardinia for sale)
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Shirt with print “Sardegna in vendita”

Sardinia for sale, 1969, poster (lithograph), Feltrinelli

Each stay on the island confirmed in the artist the belief that Sardinian culture was “a simultaneous alternation of horrors and delights”, harmony of nature and blind violence of man, cohesion of community life and social disintegration.

Far from Sardinia and increasingly alien and critical of its unbalanced development model but at the same time always emotionally involved, Nivola is, especially since the seventies, a participant in the political debate on the future of the region, through interventions in the press local but above all through his graphic work.

(La sintesi delle arti, by Giuliana Altea and Antonella Camarda)